Greta Tears Into Anti-Fox Blogger’s ‘Smearing’ Headline Claiming She Told Trayvon’s Friend To ‘Get Over It’

On her blog on Friday, GretaWire, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren let loose on a writer for the blog NewsHounds after they posted what she considered a misrepresentative headline summarizing her interview with a friend of the late Trayvon Martin.

In a conversation with Martin’s friend, Van Susteren asked how the nation could “put a lid on” the racial tensions the verdict in the case against George Zimmerman has inspired. She took exception to NewsHounds framing her question to her guest as her telling Martin’s friend that it was time to “get over it.”

“Is there any way to sort of put the lid on the, sort of, simmering hostility?” Van Susteren asked Martin’s former football coach, Jerome Horton. “There’s no way to mend the broken heart. I got that. But there’s a horrible, sort of, simmering pain in this country that’s causing people to say horrible things and maybe, you know, and hurt other people in terms of what they say.”

“Van Susteren to Trayvon Friend: Get Over It,” read the NewsHounds headline summarizing the segment. The author of the post observes that Van Susteren “clearly intended” for the interview to be a “sympathetic” one. “But even so, she couldn’t resist (or knew her bosses wouldn’t want her to resist) lecturing her guest for not ‘put(ting) the lid on’ the tragedy,” NewsHounds blogger “Ellen” wrote.

“Apparently, ‘getting over it’ is only for the friends and family of the slain teen on Fox,” Ellen continued. “But the killer gets unconditional sympathy.”

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“Worst smearing headline about me – but that is not the point, the point is this shows some want to heal and some want to try to create divide where there should be none,” Van Susteren wrote. “Whoever wrote this headline doesn’t know me, misstates the facts, is trying to smear me with this gross headline and much much worse, is trying to stir up a divide in this country. She must be seething with hate – she sure has a bad motive.”

I engaged in a discussion about healing. This headline writer is doing something bad and not because she smears me (this is not about me) but for the big picture – twisting the discussion about healing and putting it in a false light.

“And don’t you love it when the haters don’t fully identify themselves? She uses a first name only in the headline – because she lacks the courage and honor to identify herself as she does a drive by ambush designed not to help heal but create more divide,” Van Susteren concludes. “That ought to tell you something.”

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