Greta to Joan Walsh: Why Are You ‘Acting So Dopey?’


Perhaps taking a page out of her Fox News colleague Geraldo Rivera‘s book, Greta Van Susteren wondered on her blog Monday: Is Salon‘s Joan Walsh a dope?

Van Susteren was moved to write a fairly lengthy post hacking away at Walsh for a tweet the Salon editor sent out over the weekend in which she suggested Fox News would likely have been pro-slavery had the channel existed during that time period. The post is headlined, “Why is Joan Walsh acting so dopey?”

“First, I would hope Walsh would show more intelligence than her broad brush about Fox News,” Van Susteren wrote. “Generalizing is just dopey and makes her look ignorant.”

Van Susteren went on to say she’d like to prove Walsh — who is also a political analyst at MSNBC — wrong by introducing her to some other Fox News people who are, Van Susteren says, not the slightest bit racist. (Walsh memorably met Bill O’Reilly in 2009.)

More from Van Susteren’s post:

Second, job creators crack? What does she know about job creating? I bet she has never run a business, never hired a single person but instead been on someone else’s payroll her entire life. Big difference!

In other words, she talks big about topics but only from the sidelines — never with real experience. Talking about is vastly different than real experience. I have run businesses, and I have had employees and I have liked my employees and they have liked me. I am happy to discuss job creation.

Van Susteren concluded her post by dimissing Walsh as “just a talker” and “a tweeter.”

Mediaite did not seek comment from Walsh on this matter because she, perhaps out of pride, did not acknowledge our previous request for input.

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