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Greta Van Susteren Grills Rep. Allen West Over Ohio Military Voting Law

On her show tonight, Greta Van Susteren brought on Congressman Allen West to explain his harsh criticism of the Obama administration filing a lawsuit to stop an Ohio law that would extend the voting period for members of the military. Van Susteren challenged West on the law, admitting she could not understand why such a law would not be expanded to all voters.

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West argued that civilians do not generally find themselves in the same kind of conditions as members of the military, and the kind of work that the military does should warrant a law extend the time period they have for sending in early votes. He noted that in the past, there have been irregularities with members of the military attempting to send their votes in early.

Van Susteren agreed with Allen West that everyone in the military should be able to vote in the three-day period provided by the law, but wondered why it would “exclude” civilians who might have special circumstances that would warrant the necessity of them voting in the same time period. She told West that she reached out to local officials in Ohio, none of whom could identify the cost of the law, so she said that argument does not stand up under scrutiny.

She pressed West once again to explain why “we wouldn’t want to include” the rest of the voters in Ohio. West argued that because the military is doing “above and beyond what everyone else is doing” they should not be asked to adhere to the same voting restrictions as the rest of the public. He added that the military is getting a “backhanded slap.”

On a more conciliatory note, West and Van Susteren agreed that rather than going on vacation, Congress should seriously address the issue of sequestration.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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