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Greta Grills GOP Congressman On Payroll Vote: ‘You Got Politically Outmaneuvered’

On Thursday, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren chatted with Rep. Allen West (R-FL) about an “unidentified Republican congressman” who has said Speaker John Boehner may not be keeping his speakership for long.

West said he doesn’t know who might have said that, adding that he feels a bit like Charlie Brown when Lucy swipes the football out from underneath him. The last thing he wants, he told Van Susteren, is Barack Obama (whose leadership he finds lacking) in command of congressional debates. “You saw the politics of demagoguery” win out, he said.

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Van Susteren didn’t hold back in her assessment of what happened:

If you believe that, then it appears you got politically outmaneuvered and that you caved and deviated from your principles. And there still were, you know, in theory, eight days left of this month and people could have stayed in Washington and pounded the pavement. But, you know, everybody knew what the deadline was. But it certainly doesn’t, you know, just from a sorta… You all seemed to have given up — those of you who have your position — because you got outmaneuvered and you didn’t have the PR. But it seems like, you know, you still didn’t fight much at the end.

Daaaaaang, Greta!

West, naturally, disagreed with her take on how things unfolded.

Check out their full exchange below, via Fox News:

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