Greta Van Susteren Sends Off Rep. Barney Frank With Classic 2008 Bill O’Reilly Shoutfest

Longtime Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank announced today that he would not be seeking reelection in 2012, bringing an end to his extensive career in Congress. There are many memorable moments, both on television and in the House, but tonight Greta Van Susteren chose on particularly entertaining exchange with Bill O’Reilly on the market crash in October 2008 to say goodbye to Rep. Frank with.

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The argument, which began tensely but at some point featured vintage O’Reilly shouting “you’re a coward!” at Rep. Frank while the latter mocked him for ranting, centered over whether Rep. Frank would take the blame for suggesting that certain stocks were safe from collapse– a comment, O’Reilly argued, that cost Americans millions of dollars. Rep. Frank attempted to reply over the shouting that he had not endorsed the stock at all, but, as you will see below, it becomes difficult to follow the train of thought fast.

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The classic via Fox News below:

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