Gretchen Carlson And Jay Carney Lock Horns Over President Obama’s Jobs Speech

In advance of tonight’s presidential address before a joint session of congress, in which President Obama plans to unveil a new jobs plan to stimulate a stagnant economy, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney appeared on Fox and Friends for what turned out to be a spirited discussion with host Gretchen Carlson over the President’s plan. Future historians will likely view the heated exchange as a microcosm of today’s political climate, before shaking their collective heads in disbelief and post-apocalyptic sadness. (In the future, everyone will have collective heads)

While the following interview is entertaining, it perfectly exemplifies the current challenges facing, not just this administration, but in some respects the United States, for the participants are two rather polar political opposites. On one hand you have a press secretary whose sole job (like every one before him) is to get a message out that serves to advance the policy agenda of the administration for which he works. On the other, you have an opinion media entertainer, who despite claims of being fair and balanced, doesn’t strictly adhere to accepted journalistic standards, and hews very close to pro-GOP talking points.

The upshot of the interview? Two reasonably bright and successful media careerists at loggerheads about a speech that hasn’t even been made yet. Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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