Gretchen Carlson: Joe Biden’s Debate Performance Offensive To Me As A Woman And A Midwesterner

Carlson: Biden Debate Performance Offensive To Me As A Woman And Midwesterner

The hosts of Fox & Friends weighed in on the previous night’s vice presidential debate Friday morning, with Gretchen Carlson noting that Vice President Joe Biden‘s performance was disrespectful and offensive to her as a woman.

She wondered whether other women might feel the same way:

I thought it was totally over the top disrespectful. I mean, just speaking as a woman for a minute. And I really want to know the difference in the gender opinion this morning. Was this more offensive to women, was it more offensive to men, was it not offensive to either? I… and maybe women have felt this more often. I just could not believe how disrespectful he was. And, being from the Midwest as Paul Ryan is as well, there is such a thing as Midwestern sensibilities and Midwestern politeness, and “oh yeah, you go in front of me.” That’s what Paul Ryan was doing. I’m wondering this morning and I want to know from the viewers: Should he have also been more aggressive or did he do the right thing in just sort of sitting back?

Besides showing clips of what Steve Doocy referred to as the “interrupt-a-thon” — the instances when Biden either spoke over or interrupted Ryan by laughing (“Do you ever feel that way where you just want to deck somebody?” asked Carlson), the hosts also noted the age difference between Biden and Ryan, with Brian Kilmeade saying that Biden’s age brought experience, and Carlson adding that Ryan did not want to speak over the “elder statesman.”

Have a look at the segment, via Fox News:

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