Gretchen Carlson Reacts To M.I.A. Giving The Finger: ‘Get A Life’

Those of you who didn’t use Madonna‘s Super Bowl halftime performance as an excuse to go out and buy another bag of Extreme Buffalo Chili Cheesesteak Pizza Doritos might have noticed that singer M.I.A. — one of the 812 performers who joined Madonna onstage for her medley — saw it fit to give viewers the middle finger during her performance.

The gesture, Early Start explained, wasn’t seen on video cam but, rather, on still cam. CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin really wanted to know whom, exactly, M.I.A. was flipping off. (“Or, as she likes to call it,” said Banfield, “flipping the G6.”) Was it all just for attention? Does a bear flip off cameras in the woods?

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On Fox News’ Fox & Friends, meanwhile, Gretchen Carlson urged the singer to “get a life.” Presumably, a life that doesn’t involve flipping off viewers during an event watched by everyone from children to VERY annoying quasi-adult neighbors:

NBC and the NFL have since issued an apology, calling the act “inappropriate” and “disappointing.” Have a look:

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