Gretchen Carlson Wonders When Christmas Police Will Force Her To Take Down Her Home Decorations

On Friday’s Fox and Friends, the three defenders of the Yuletide were lamenting yet another alleged assault on Christmas, when Gretchen Carlson speculated it was only a matter of time before local authorities forced residents to have to take down their own decorations. Co-host Brian Kilmeade was reading a viewer email that said if “you and your children want to see Christmas displayed, put one up in your own yard. Nobody’s stopping you.” “Well at least not yet!” Carlson exclaimed, spurring off-camera chuckles. “Just wait for the town ordinance when you can’t have it!”

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“I was actually thinking about that!” Carlson continued. “Like, when will it come to the personal home situation? Might be around the corner! I have lots of lights up around the house!”

“Excuse me, there’s a little drummer boy by your Christmas tree,” Kilmeade joked. “You need to come with me. Bring your own figurine!”

Watch Carlson fret that Christmas will soon be illegal in her own home below via Fox News:

(h/t Media Matters)

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