Gripping: Watch As O’Donnell Conducts Painfully Awkward Interview With A Friend Of Snowden’s

Lawrence O’Donnell spent the first segment of his show attempting to learn more about NSA leaker Edward Snowden from Mavanee Anderson, a former friend of Snowden’s. O’Donnell spent the whole segment going on a fishing expedition attempting to learn any revelatory details about why Snowden did what he did or what his political views are, and all throughout the interview Anderson paused to collect her thoughts and/or said she couldn’t speak to what he was asking. O’Donnell was so eager to learn more about Snowden, he went so far as to dredge up two-year old comments by Ron Paul to find out if Snowden agreed with them.

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Anderson repeatedly rebutted O’Donnell’s questions by saying she just wanted to focus on her friendship with Snowden and expressing discomfort with some of the subject matter he raised. At one point, there was dead air for an awkward moment while Anderson was collecting her thoughts to decide what she felt comfortable publicly talking about.

O’Donnell told Anderson he was struck by how “very naive” Snowden sounds, and considering how he got back into the intelligence game “after already being disillusioned” about the dishonesties involved, he asked Anderson if he re-joined with the intent to expose massive amounts of information from within the system. Anderson sand it was “doubtful,” and said she was completely and totally shocked when she found out what Snowden did.

O’Donnell continued along the same path of questioning Snowden’s outlook and political beliefs, saying his language sounds “grandiose” and even using Snowden’s support of Ron Paul to go after him. O’Donnell played a clip of Paul during one of the 2012 presidential debates explaining the motivations for terrorists who attack the United States, and asked if Snowden agrees with that view or, somewhat randomly, Paul’s views about ending foreign aid to Israel. Unfortunately, Anderson didn’t have the answers he was looking for.

The last part of the segment consisted of O’Donnell questioning Snowden’s maturity level, spurred by Snowden’s comment that the U.S. national security apparatus is an “architecture of oppression,” which O’Donnell ridiculed, and he even suggested that the fact Snowden dropped out of high school might have something to do with his maturity level. He and Anderson agreed that there is a lot of overreach in the intelligence community, but to call it oppression, in O’Donnell’s mind, is just completely out there and can only be explained by Snowden’s poor “frame of maturity.”

Watch the full segment in all its unbelievable, awkward glory below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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