Grover Norquist At CPAC: Republicans Who Vote For Tax Increases Are ‘Rat Heads In A Coke Bottle’

If the Republican Party is Coca-Cola, than a Republicans who vote to raise taxes are “rat heads in a coke bottle.” That’s the message that Americans For Tax Reform president Grover Norquist tried to get across during his short remarks at CPAC Thursday morning.

Norquist has in recent months been forced to defend the pledge not to raise taxes that he has been cajoling Republican lawmakers to sign since the early 1990’s. So it’s no surprise that he used his time on the CPAC stage to bolster the notion that Republicans should simply never vote to raise taxes.

He employed the Coca-Cola metaphor to emphasize what he sees as the strength of the GOP brand. With his pledge, Norquist said, “We branded the modern Republican Party as the party that would not raise your taxes,” just as Coca-Cola has established their brand.

He then laid out a scenario in which “you get two thirds of the way through your bottle of Coke and there’s a rat head in what’s left of your Coke bottle.” If this happens, Norquist explained, you’re definitely not going to finish the bottle, you may never buy Coca-Cola again, and the company brand is “damaged.”

“Republican elected officials who vote for tax increases are rat heads in a Coke bottle,” Norquist told the audience. “They damage the brand for everybody else.”

Watch video below:

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