‘Guardians of the Fallacy’ Trevor Noah Rips Fox News’ Defensive Comey Memo Coverage

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah took on Fox News over their coverage of the bombshell report that President Trump allegedly asked then-FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into Gen. Michael Flynn.

Before showing Karl Rove, Martha MacCallum and Steve Doocy invoking Trump’s predecessor, Noah jokingly pondered, “Why examine what the current president is doing wrong when you can just keep talking sh*t about Obama?”

He mocked The Five’s Jesse Watters’s dismissal of the scandal because it doesn’t involve “a video, sex, or dead bodies.” Noah concluded that if Watters can’t “jerk off to it, then it’s not news.”

According to Noah, President Trump loves Fox News so much because they’re “basically his Snapchat filter,” adding “Whatever the reality is, they will always make him look better than he is.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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