Guest On Egyptian TV Flies Into A Rage When Tricked Into Believing He Is Being Interviewed By An Israeli

An Egyptian television prank on a local actor recently went south when it devolved into physical violence. In the clip, the actor is tricked into thinking he is being interviewed by an Israeli television host and responds by assaulting her.

When Egyptian actor Ayman Kandeel accuses the television channel of lying to him when he was booked, the program’s producer confronts him. They discuss whether or not Kandeel will produce a gun before he finally decides to physically assault the producer and the female host.

After Kandeel flies into a rage and throws some chairs around the studio. Several producers appear to calm down the guest and tell him that he was the subject of a prank.

Kandeel receives a round of applause from the television crew and he apologizes to the woman he assaulted saying “you brought it upon yourself.” He also offers to apply some lotion to her back as a gesture of good faith, but she politely declines the offer.

Watch the clip via Middle East Media Research Institute:

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