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Guest On Joy Behar’s Current TV Show Claims To Have Orgasm During Segment

File this one under the question: real or total B.S.?

On Wednesday evening’s Say Anything! with Joy Behar, sexologist Jaiya willed herself into a mini-orgasm while on the air for a Current TV “sex ed” segment.

“Let’s talk about orgasms,” began Behar.

Yes. Let’s.

Behar brought up the upsetting story of the woman who suffered from persistent genital arousal disorder, a syndrome that basically confines you to a living nightmare where every moment is an orgasm and you can’t hold a job or function as a normal human being. How does a sexologist like Jaiya view such stories?

“That would be a problem if you just start having orgasms all day long,” the sex expert said. “I have to just keep mine down, because I can think myself there.” (#HumbleBrag)

“No kidding?” Behar asked. “How do you do that?”

“Using my tools. Using my breath, using my inner-vision,” Jaiya explained, “meaning I can think myself into the fantasy right now.”

She added that she is able to will herself into an “orgasm” by using her “pelvic floor muscles.”

Behar asked her to demonstrate, and so the sexologist obliged.
It was a fascinating little… “nip-zjip“-sounding noise.

Jaiya then broke out into giggles, admitting she had a “little mini one” right there on set.

She then concluded: “Once I get going, it’s hard to stop sometimes.”

I bet.

Watch it below, via Current TV:

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