Gunman Arrested at Trump Resort After Going on Anti-POTUS Tirade, Exchanging Fire With Cops


A man was arrested at Trump National Golf Resort in Miami early this morning after making statements against the president and then getting into a shootout with police.

Local news sources have identified Jonathan Oddi as the man who allegedly walked into the resort, draped an American flag over the counter and started shouting what Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez described as “anti-President Trump rhetoric.” After that, Oddi reportedly fired a gun at the ceiling and chandeliers before he eventually exchanged fire with officers from the Miami-Dade and Doral police departments.

A Doral officer was injured to some degree during the confrontation, and Oddi took multiple shots to his lower body. The suspect was taken to the local hospital to be stabilized and it appears no one else was wounded or killed during the skirmish.

Perez held a news conference shortly after the incident, saying they do not think Oddi was trying to launch a terror attack, though they’re not yet ruling anything out. Perez also said he suspects Oddi was trying to lure the officers into an ambush of some sort with the gunfight.

“These officers did not hesitate for one second to engage this individual who was actively shooting in the lobby of the hotel,” Perez said. “He did succeed and he did lose, that’s the bottom line.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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