Gutfeld Fires Back at Russell Brand: ‘Full-Blown Racist,’ ‘Fashionable Fascist’

Greg Gutfeld really tore into Russell Brand yesterday, but after Brand responded in a video today mocking Gutfeld, Gutfeld unloaded on the actor in a Five segment calling him a “full-blown racist” and “fashionable fascist.”

Gutfeld was still incensed at Brand for going after black Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley. He charged that by mocking Riley for sounding white and not living in a black community, Brand spewed more racist statements than the people he’s been going after.

Gutfeld said he used to like Brand, but then he “developed fake intelligence” and ideology “twisted his brain.” Eric Bolling added that Brand’s views on American exceptionalism sound a lot like President Obama‘s.

And as for Brand going after Gutfeld himself, the Fox host just laughed it off and said Brand completely missed the point of his book The Joy of Hate when he wasted time mocking it.

Watch the Five segment here, via Fox News:

And you can watch Brand going after Gutfeld here:

[image via screengrab]

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