Gutfeld: ‘I’ll Take The Liar’ If I Must Have a POTUS Who Lies About Boy Scouts But Destroys ISIS


On Thursday night, The Five reacted to President Trump‘s rally in West Virginia as well as the breaking news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the ongoing Russia probe.

Greg Gutfeld analyzed how Trump’s “persuasion” works.

“When all of this other stuff is going on,” he began, “he’s focused on the everyday issues. He brought up taxes, crime, drugs, terror, jobs, coal, the Paris Accords, these are things that are major concerns for people. And what it does is that it marginalizes, by comparison, the obsessions of the media, whether it’s about his language, about his meetings, about his fibs, even Russia.”

He insisted that if the media went up to a rally goer to mention the grand jury, they’d say “I don’t give a damn!” and that they’re glad that he’s destroying ISIS and bringing back coal.

Jesse Watters chimed in by saying Trump was “running against the Russia hoax” and that he was “ridiculing” the Russia scandal like he did with his opponents during the election to instead talk about things like health care.

Juan Williams jokingly told his co-hosts that he’s tired of “all the winning” and among many things invoked Trump’s lying about the Boy Scouts.

“You’re seeing the conflict again between words and deeds,” Gutfeld reacted. “Juan is focusing on language and conversations and meetings and Jesse is bringing up things that are actually happening… Destroying ISIS means more to America that something he made up about the Boy Scouts.”

He continued, “That’s language. That’s a lie. Maybe he lied about the Boy Scouts. People are saying ‘I don’t care. ISIS is gone!’ If I have to have a president who lies about the Boy Scouts to destroy ISIS, I’ll take the liar.”

Williams rebuked Gutfeld by insisting that he “wouldn’t take the liar” that said that he’d repeal and replace Obamacare, to which Gutfeld responded by saying that “everybody shares that blame.”

After Williams suggested that indictments may be coming from the grand jury, Gutfeld pushed back.

“You can’t fight on deeds!” Gutfeld exclaimed. “So you go, ‘You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to subpoena him and look at his tax returns because he beat us!'”

Williams retaliated by mention Trump’s poor approval ratings, which Watters noted were still better than Hillary Clinton‘s.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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