comScore Gutfeld: Leakers May Be ‘Building Sympathy’ for Trump by Trying to Undermine His Presidency

Gutfeld: Leakers May Be ‘Building Sympathy’ for Trump by Trying to Undermine His Presidency

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld says that the leakers sabotaging President Trump‘s administration might actually be helping the mogul by highlighting the antagonism he faces on a regular basis.

The Five held a round-table discussion tonight about how the White House is still dealing with the continued release of sensitive information. When Gutfeld got his turn, he said all the leaks could end up putting Trump in a positive light since Democrats are still having trouble finding ways to oppose him.

“Maybe that’s why they’re worried, because these leaked stories may actually be helping Donald Trump. Republicans still hold a 10-point lead among blue-collar voters, and that’s from a Democrat survey. So clearly, trying to undermine him this way is building sympathy. His poll numbers may be low, but you’re lower for doing it… These leaks are not alerting anyone to danger. They’re done to embarrass Donald Trump and subvert his governance. It’s a gutless way to win.”

The panel went on to discuss the difference between national security and palace intrigue leaks, as well as the efforts the Justice Department may take to address the problem. Eventually, Gutfeld expressed concern about how many people will be furious if Trump’s presidency is actually undone by leakers.

“For him to go down on something like these silly conversations or whatever, you will have a population that will be just as angry as the population that was pissed off over Bernie Sanders,” said Gutfeld. “You’re basically unfairly trying to unseat somebody who won, which is what happened to Sanders in a way…Now it’s Trump and they’re going to take it away.”

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