Gutfeld: Obama Kept Quiet About Russia Because ‘He Didn’t Want To Look Like a Fool’


On Monday night, The Five shared their thoughts about The Washington Post bombshell that went deep into President Obama‘s inactions on Russia months leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Greg Gutfeld told his co-hosts why Obama kept quiet.

“Here’s the reason why Obama didn’t say anything, okay?” he began. “He didn’t want to look like a fool for dismissing the Russians when he mocked [Mitt] Romney over it.”

Gutfeld was referring to a moment during a 2012 presidential debate when Obama mocked the GOP candidate for calling Russia “America’s greatest geopolitical threat.”

“Obama’s really good on the small things,” Gutfeld continued. “He appears presidential, sophisticated, eloquent, but he’s wrong on the big things. He doesn’t understand our adversaries. He didn’t understand Russia at the time and he was embarrassed by it and he should be embarrassed for what he did to Mitt Romney.”

He went on to say that Obama did the same thing with ISIS when he called them “JV.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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