Guy Benson Battles Panelist Who Says Kavanaugh ‘Has The Burden’ To Prove His Innocence


On Thursday night, Fox News contributor Guy Benson clashed with Alliance For Justice president Nan Aron on the pending hearing that is scheduled to take place with Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Aron began by saying that “every woman in America will be looking” at how this hearing is handled, insisting that it’s “clear” that Ford’s allegation against Kavanaugh is credible.

“And after all, Brett Kavanaugh has no right to a seat on the Supreme Court. No one does. It’s a privilege,” Aron told Fox News anchor Shannon Bream. And he will have to show at this hearing that he really is capable and fit to sit on the highest court. He has the burden, not her. He has the burden.”

After saying that certain reasonable requests made by Ford’s legal team could be accommodated, Benson circled back to Aron’s remarks.

“I really don’t think it’s fair to say that the burden is on Brett Kavanaugh to prove a nonfalsifiable claim with no corroborating evidence from the time,” Benson said to Aron. “Anyone can hurl an allegation- I think it’s a serious allegation, I have no idea if she’s telling the truth or not and neither do you, none of us do. I think it is a dangerous standard to say that the accused has the burden of proof to disprove their guilt. Because how could he do that to your satisfaction?”

Aron pushed back, saying Ford has a “very credible claim” and pointed to the notes from the 2012 couples therapy session as proof she has been “haunted” by the alleged assault for years.

“She will, if this goes ahead, present her case. And I’m sure she’ll presented well,” Aron said. “It’s Brett Kavanaugh who has to show the American people and it’s the Senate that is going to be put to the test as to whether or not-”

“What does he have to show?” Benson shot back.

“You know it’s interesting,” Aron continued, “just from the very beginning of this nomination, Republicans have railroaded Brett Kavanaugh through the Senate.”

Bream clarified that the timeline of Kavanaugh’s confirmation is currently on track with the same confirmation timelines as Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayer.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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