H.R. McMaster Hails ‘Unifying Force’ McCain… Then Totally Ducks Question on Trump Flag Fiasco


As the body of the late senator John McCain was transported to the site of a memorial service in his honor, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell spoke to former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster about McCain’s legacy – and how President Donald Trump treated it.

“I think what Senator McCain has become and will remain in our memory and in his legacy, is a unifying force in our country,” McMaster said. “What the senator lamented in his last years was the polarization of American society and the opportunity that presents for Russians and others who are trying to undermine our democracy, undermine our confidence in who we are as a people and our values and our democratic processes and institutions.”

“What John McCain did across his whole life is brought people together, together in our common identity as Americans, our common values and individual rights and rule of law and freedom of speech and freedom of religion and tolerance,” he continued.

“So we should learn from John McCain’s example now, because it’s really a critical time for our country,” he added.

Meanwhile, McMaster didn’t have anything to say about Trump – very divisively – raising the flag at the White House back to full staff while the flags at the Washington Monument and at the Capitol stayed at half staff.

“I know this is difficult for you, I have to ask you how you felt about what many people felt was really disrespectful, the American legion, the veterans of foreign war, all pressing the president to lower the flag at the White House which remained flying at full staff on Monday for quite a while,” Mitchell said.

“Well, we all have an opportunity to transcend all of that and to make our personal choice to celebrate a tremendous life, a life of a real servant to the nation,” McMaster replied, completely dodging the question. “What I hope also, I hope that Senator McCain’s example will draw more people to government service and service in the military in particular.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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