Haitian-American Anchor Savages Trump Over ‘S*hithole Countries’ Comment: ‘To Be Blunt, It Was Racist’


Haitian-American TV anchor Alisha Laventure — who reports for the Dallas, Texas ABC affiliate — had strong words for President Donald Trump after he reportedly called the country her parents immigrated from a “shithole,” as well as other developing nations.

The controversial comments were brought up while the president argued against opening the US borders to Haitians and Africans fleeing poverty, starvation, and violence in their homelands. “Why do we want people from Haiti here?” Said Trump according to the New York Times.

Laventure addressed the comment by calling it “racist” in a spirited monologue:

“Enough is enough: If the head of any corporation said what the president said yesterday, that person would be fired. Why should we accept any less from the President of the United States of America? A country, by the way, that’s played a hand in the poverty Haiti and other nations face today. We have a right and a responsibility to hold the president to a higher standard. His rhetoric falls far from it. If my job is to report the truth – the truth is, what the president said was hurtful. It was mean. And to be blunt — it was racist. If you’re willing to let this language fly, you’re part of the problem. Elected officials — that includes you.”

While many other reporters and journalists avoided using the term “racist” to classify Trump or his comments, Laventure clearly didn’t have this hesitation when discussing the president’s vulgar attack on people from developing countries.

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