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Hall and Oates Can’t Go For Arizona Immigration Law (No Can Do), Cancel Concert

We haven’t really seen much political activism from ’80s blue-eyed soul duo Hall and Oates since their heartfelt farewell to Alan Colmes on The Daily Show, but now they have come out to publicly boycott the state of Arizona in response to the state’s controversial immigration law, canceling a concert slated for next month in Phoenix and encouraging other artists to boycott the state, as well. Which begs the question: Hall and Oates still tour?

Billboard has the sad news:

“The rock duo Daryl Hall and John Oates announced Monday they will not be playing Phoenix next month following an Arizona Diamondbacks game.

Their manager Jonathan Wolfson told The Associated Press from Los Angeles that Hall and Oates will not play Phoenix July 2 because of their personal stance against Arizona’s new immigration law.

The pair issued a statement through Wolfson saying they stand in solidarity with the music community in boycotting Arizona at this time.”

The statement also makes sure to note that this has nothing to do with the Arizona Diamondbacks themselves, who are being deprived of the duo’s talents within their home state, despite the duo acknowledging that the baseball team is relatively blameless. No word on whether similar pop acts are following suit, though REO Speedwagon are scheduled to be playing in Phoenix in July.

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