Halperin Finds Iowa Democrats Can’t Name Hillary Accomplishments as Secretary of State


For his With All Due Respect show on Bloomberg TV, Mark Halperin sat down with a focus group of Iowa Democratic voters to discuss Hillary Clinton‘s prospects for the 2016 presidential election.

While the group fawned over the former First Lady’s personality and politics (one called her a “bad mama jama”), they were stumped when Halperin asked them to name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton’s during her tenure as Secretary of State.

The responses ranged from “I really can’t name anything off the top of my head” to “Give me two minutes” to “I honestly can’t say I followed along everything that was going on” to outright “No.”

Washington Post‘s “The Fix” blog noted that while it’s stunning that some of her biggest fans cannot name her State Department achievements, “not being able to name specific things politicians have done isn’t that unusual for the average voters. Quick, name something that John Kerry has done as Secretary of State. Right. Think Iowa Republicans could do much better naming significant things Jeb Bush did as governor or Marco Rubio has done in the Senate?”

Watch the clip below, via Bloomberg Politics:

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