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Hannity & Coulter: Obama Re-Elected Because People Want ‘Gov’t Taking Care Of [Them]’

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter reacted to President Obama‘s big win last night by chalking it up to the increasing entitlement society in the United States. Hannity couldn’t help but wonder if this was a sign that the mood of the electorate is shifting from a center-right country to something completely different.

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Coulter admitted she was wrong in predicting that Mitt Romney would win, explaining that she forgot a standard election rule: “it’s very hard to take out an incumbent.” She said that was why she initially backed Chris Christie for the presidency. Hannity said that the election results show America is changing to a larger entitlement society, and more people love the idea of “government taking care of you.”

But Hannity also tore into the Obama campaign for engaging in downright dirty tactics to win reelection.

“If I’m [the Obama team] today, I’m embarrassed… they knew no boundaries when it came to lying, demonizing, slandering, smearing, besmirching, attacking a nice guy. Whether you agree with him or not… and that tells me he has now set the bar so low that people are going to try and outdo him.”

Coulter said that Obama had an advantage because he was able to start running attack ads against Romney while Romney was still stuck in the middle of a primary campaign. She also advised future House Republicans to stay away from future presidential races, so the field can be narrowed quicker and the race can be done with earlier. Hannity jumped in to say a circular firing squad within the GOP would not help them win elections.

In the second part of the interview, Hannity admitted that after last night, he’s “not so sure” that the United States is a center-right country anymore. He cited exit poll numbers suggesting an overall cultural shift to the left. Coulter doubted the shift would be permanent, reminding him of how fickle the electorate can be from election to election.

Hannity also brought up Republicans in Congress potentially striking deals with Obama that may go against what they ran on. Coulter doubted that any Republican would want to appear “Democrat-Lite,” adding that the Republican party should be looking ahead to pick up more seats in 2014.

Watch part one below, courtesy of Fox News:

And part two:


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