Hannity And Loesch Tear Into Dem Guest Over Obama’s Broken Promises: ‘Stop With The Talking Points!’

Sean Hannity opened his show Tuesday night looking at President Obama‘s priorities as president and whether he actually has them in order. Democrat Christy Setzer defended Obama to both Hannity and Dana Loesch, the latter going off on Obama’s vacations and “phony scandals.” Loesch got combative when Setzer tried to interrupt her, saying, “Let’s act like a lady, ‘kay?”

Setzer defended Obama’s White House lifestyle, accusing Republicans of a “big double standard” in that they never had a problem with George W. Bush going on vacation. Hannity shouted, “Let’s stop with the talking points!” Loesch jumped in and said, “Christy, bless your heart, we need to get the record straight.” As Loesch defended Bush’s vacations versus Obama’s, Setzer tried to jump in, but Loesch cut her off and sarcastically remarked, “I realize that assertive conservative women make you feel uncomfortable.”

On the “phony scandals” controversy, Setzer insisted the “majority of Americans” agree with the president, while Loesch told Hannity she’s sick and tired of having to hear Democrats making these “really insulting” remarks by blithely dismissing legitimate political scandals.

They also clashed over the Obama 2012 refrain “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!” Hannity brought up the weekend international terror alert and Detroit going bankrupt to suggest maybe that slogan doesn’t look good in hindsight.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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