Hannity And Guest Bash ‘Liberal’ Joe Scarborough For ‘Feigning Outrage’ Over Trayvon Weed Comments

Monday night on Fox, Sean Hannity issued his official response to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who blasted Hannity earlier in the day for comments he made on his radio show following President Obama‘s race speech. Hannity hit “liberals” like Scarborough for “feigning outrage” over his “tongue-in-cheek” comments about the similarities between Obama and Trayvon Martin.

After replaying the clip in question from his radio program, Hannity shared the criticism he received from “left wing so-called journalists” at MSNBC who “didn’t see my point and decided to twist what I said.” Before introducing his guests, Hannity said, “It’s not really worth responding to liberal Joe and his under 400,000 viewers or whatever he has. His radio show failed, his TV show is failing, he has kind of sold his soul, you know, on a liberal network, and he attacks conservative and is used by a prop by his insider Washington pals to attack conservatives.”

Fox analyst Angela McGlowan agreed with Hannity, saying he never said Trayvon Martin “had it coming” as Scarborough suggested. “Apparently his ratings are falling and he needs more eyeballs to come to his channel, so what does he do?” she asked. “He attacks you.”

Hannity other guest, Fox contributor Santita Jackson, attempted to to steer the conversation towards the larger question of how to get to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “dream” of equality, but Hannity told her the narrower issue of Obama’s approach was “more important.” He mocked the president for making a speech centered on race and the Zimmerman trial when “there’s a mountain of evidence that shows George Zimmerman was not a racist.”

Again, McGlowan agreed, saying Obama had a “grand opportunity” to “actually address the systemic problems that have plagued our community for decades now and, instead, he personalized this tragedy, this child who is dead. He personalizes it for his own political gain.” She added, “I think it stirred more of the racial pot and caused more racial division.”

Hannity also called out Mediaite specifically for coverage that he evidently views as biased against him, saying, “61 people died in Chicago, and I have their names right here. And I have been reading them on the air on my radio show by the way, if you work at Mediaite, I’ll send you copies and tapes of my radio show.” He said “the point is” that “all of this is being ignored” in favor of a “fixation on this case that has no evidence.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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