Hannity and Panel Pile on GOP Over Shutdown: They ‘Sabotaged’ Ted Cruz Out of ‘Jealousy’

Sean Hannity and his panel Thursday night agreed the American people lost in the government shutdown fight, but Hannity still thought conservatives won in spite of “political neophyte” President Obama and the vicious attacks on people like Ted Cruz from both the left and the right. Hannity brought up all the “arrogant comments and finger-pointing” hypocrisy from Obama on the right tone people need to strike in Washington.

Bill Cunningham said he “had projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea” listening to Obama speak because he’s just morphed into a habitual, professional liar. Michael Myers added that Republicans shouldn’t exactly be jumping for joy because John Boehner got “beat by a political neophyte” (Obama) and a “political midget” (Harry Reid), as well as getting “beat up by the race clowns” and the “media punks.”

Hannity shot back that Boehner just got “sabotaged” by Republicans like John McCain, and on the latter, Scottie Hughes said McCain was fueled by “jealousy” of Ted Cruz because he got national media coverage for sticking to his guns. Hannity predicted that “conservatism’s gonna win in the end.”

Myers pointed out that if they’re going to win, Republicans need a “public information campaign” and “not a stunt on the Senate floor.” Cunningham said, “Maybe the Republican party won and we won’t find out for about a year.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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