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Hannity and Tantaros Clash with Beckel Over Obama’s ‘Brainfart Foreign Policy’

Sean Hannity called out liberals Wednesday night for blindly supporting President Obama on Syria, joined by The Five‘s Andrea Tantaros to tag-team Bob Beckel over whether the Obama administration got outsmarted by Vladimir Putin and whether coming upon the new Russian deal by accident is evidence of a “brainfart foreign policy.”

Beckel insisted the new plan for Syria to hand over chemical weapons was Obama’s just as much as Putin’s, while Hannity shot back that it was all in response to a John Kerry gaffe. Tantaros called this “brainfart foreign policy” for the U.S. to just stumble onto a solution, wondering how anyone could now possibly trust Putin to see this thing through.

Hannity suspected that Putin “sees a weak American president” in Obama and took advantage of that. Tantaros brought up how “left-wingers were screaming and wailing” about Iraq, and all of a sudden are behind Obama one hundred percent. She and Hannity clashed with Beckel over the differences between the two, and why the use of chemical weapons differs from the tens of thousands of people that died beforehand.

Beckel told Hannity there was plenty of evidence to show the weapons were used by the military, and “If you don’t believe that’s the truth then you believe O.J. Simpson was innocent.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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