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Hannity Attacks ‘Irresponsible’ Media On Trayvon Martin: ‘Why Even Have A Trial?’

The reaction to the Trayvon Martin shooting has Sean Hannity extremely concerned, and with a panel consisting of Juan Williams and Rev. CL Bryant, he urged caution on jumping to conclusions in the case. While Bryant warned that “this powder keg can truly explode” and Williams wondered why this case resulted in so much outrage compared to murders in inner cities, Hannity noted that he had been criticized for preaching caution, but “we just don’t know.”

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Bryant, who has been vocally opposing the work of Rev. Al Sharpton and others in the “liberal media,” noted that “it’s odd that here, in the year 2012, we’re still having conversations we could in fact talk about in 30s and 40s,” and expressed hope that “reasonable men should prevail.” Williams added that the “daily tally of carnage” in Baltimore, Chicago, and other cities was alarming, but rarely did the media cover it. “I don’t understand why civil rights leaders don’t rush in,” he noted. He added that the new video seemed “pretty explicit in that there was no gash” on Zimmerman, which contradicts the report.

“We don’t know, that’s why we have to not rush to judgment,” Hannity replied, adding that he had been attacked for positing a scenario in which “two mindsets would make this a tragic accident.” He also attacked “irresponsible” Congresspeople and media figures: “Why even have a trial? Let’s convict him on the house floor.” Bryant concluded with an ominous warning: “this particular crisis will not go to waste.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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