Hannity Bashes Hillary Based on NYT Report…After Trashing NYT as ‘Fake News’ For Mueller Story


You kind of knew this was going to happen tonight, didn’t you?

A night after he had to do an embarrassing flip-flop regarding the New York Times’ bombshell report on President Trump ordering Robert Mueller’s firing last June when his network confirmed the story, Fox News’ Sean Hannity began his program by assailing the Times and the “liberal media.”

“This is the biggest non-story ever being hyped by the liberal media that we all know hates President Trump,” Hannity bellowed at the top of his Friday night show. “The reason the brain-dead partisan press is breathlessly spreading the fake news in their echo chamber is because they want to create a distraction.”

And on and on it went, as Hannity dismissed the story as much ado about nothing while lashing out at the media for missing the REAL story about Deep State activity in the FBI and how pro-Clinton agents are trying to undermine Donald Trump.

While Hannity wanted to tear into the Times, this also presented a bit of a dilemma for Sean. See, the Times dropped a very unflattering report about Hillary Clinton earlier in the day, reporting that she retained an adviser to her 2008 campaign after he had been accused of sexual harassment. So what was Sean to do?

Go ahead and report on the Hillary story anyway, that’s what!

In a segment towards the end of his program, Hannity brought up the report. And he just so happened to forget to mention that it was the Times he broke the story.

“So Hillary Clinton claimed for decades she was a champion of women, according to a brand-new report during her 2008 presidential campaign intervened to keep a senior adviser from being fired after accusations arose he repeatedly sexually harassed a subordinate. Instead, Strider was ordered to undergo counseling and lost several weeks’ of pay. And we reached out to Clinton for a comment and her spokesman referred us to a statement for the law firm that represented the campaign in ’08 that said quote, ‘To ensure a safe working environment the campaign had a process to address complaint of misconduct or harassment when matters arose they were reviewed in accordance with the policies and appropriate action was taken.'”

Hannity then devoted a panel discussion featuring Pam Bondi and Gina Loudon to the topic. You can guess how that conversation went.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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