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Hannity Blows Up At Liberal Panelist Over U.S. Giving Aid To Egypt: ‘We Are Giving Terrorists Money!’

Sean Hannity tonight expressed his outrage at how the Obama administration is sending tanks and F-16s to Egypt. While panelist Allen West agreed with Hannity’s outrage, Leslie Marshall got heated with the host, with Hannity interrupting her and raising his voice to get her to answer his questions, eventually culminating in Hannity shouting, “We are giving terrorists money!”

Hannity mockingly brought up Obama’s “suck-up-to-the-Muslim world apology tour,” and got fired up over the U.S. sending tanks to Egypt, currently run by Muslim Brotherhood-backed president Mohammed Morsi. When Marshall shifted the issue to Israel, Hannity interrupted her and shouted at her to say directly if she thinks this is “good policy” coming from the Obama administration to provide millions in military aid to a nation run by a man who allegedly referred to the Jewish people as descendants of apes and pigs.

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Marshall argued that there is a big double standard in that the United States wants to bring democracy to places like Egypt and then are not happy with the results. Hannity shouted, “We are giving terrorists money!” West agreed with Hannity, likening it to “a Neville Chamberlain-type foreign policy of appeasement” and brought up how there are anti-American protests in Egypt fueled by outrage with the Obama administration.

Hannity asked Marshall why the Israelis should trust Obama when he once “snubbed” Benjamin Netanyahu and suggested going back to the 1967 borders. Marshall said the American-Israeli relationship is not about trust, it’s about business, and whatever Obama and Netanyahu think of each other, they both agree that Iran must not get nuclear capabilities. Hannity ended back on Egypt, finding it amazing how the U.S. has the money to give aid to Egypt but not enough to keep White House tours open. He concluded, “Beam me up, Scotty! There’s no intelligent life in the Obama White House!”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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