Hannity Claims He’s Withholding a ‘Story’ on Chrissy Teigen Because He’s ‘Being Very Nice’

Last night, Chrissy Teigen unleashed a furious Twitter rant about President Donald Trump. The supermodel, who has made it clear over and over that she isn’t a fan of the president, called on Trump to pay her medical bills at one point due to the “crippling anxiety” he’s caused her recently.

Well, during tonight’s broadcast of Hannity, host Sean Hannity and his guest, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, spent a bit of time mocking her for having a “snowflake meltdown.”

But it went beyond that. With Dobbs wondering aloud who Teigen was and what kind of mentality she had, Hannity hinted to his colleague that he had some dirt the 31-year-old model and her husband, musician John Legend.

“I have a story,” Hannity stated, “I’m going to be very nice tonight.”

He continued, “I met John Legend and her at a Super Bowl event. But there’s a story that I’m going to keep to myself because I’m being very nice.”

And, once again, with emphasis, “I’m being VERY NICE!”

So, does anyone know anything about this story Hannity’s referencing?

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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