Hannity Continues His War With Jeff Zucker, CNN: ‘He Is a Trump-Hating Political Operative’

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity kicked off his show by slamming CNN (or as he calls it “Clinton News Network”) and its network chief Jeff Zucker.

The Fox News host mentioned that three employees “supposedly” resigned over a retracted story that said Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci was part of the Senate Intel Committee’s Russia probe and applauded President Trump for calling out CNN and other “fake news” outlets on Twitter.

He suggested to CNN that “they may want to review those so-called ‘editorial process’ they have.”

Hannity then played a clip from Project Veritas’s newly-released video that shows a CNN producer calling their Russia coverage “bullsh*t.” He followed that with a statement made by CNN which they said they stood by the producer and that “diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong, we welcome it, we embrace it.”

“I’m actually glad this producer will not be losing his job simply for being honest and truthful,” he reacted, but slammed the statement for not addressing what was said in the video, specifically that Zucker wanted to “get back to Russia.”

“The blame on all of this should be at the feet of Jeff Zucker,” he exclaimed. “And if anyone faces consequences here, it should be Zucker.”

He didn’t stop there.

“He is a left-wing ideologue,” Hannity continued. “He doesn’t care about facts or truth or getting any stories right. He is a Trump-hating political operative who’s pretending to be the president of an unbiased news network.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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