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Hannity Continues Tearing Into Keith Ellison: People Deserve To Know If He’s Been ‘Palling Around’ With Radicals

For the third night in a row, Sean Hannity devoted a segment of his show to attacking Democratic congressman Keith Ellison following his Tuesday appearance on Hannity’s program. Hannity defended his association of Ellison, the sole Muslim member of Congress, with radicals like Louis Farrakahn, and he and his panelists agreed that anyone else with these associations could not get away with remaining in Congress.

Hannity said that people have the right to know if Ellison’s been “palling around” with radicals, and highlighted how Ellison has previously shared the stage with Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who was essentially kicked out of the Nation of Islam by Farrakahn, and played a clip of Muhammad saying “We’ll kill the men, we’ll kill the women, we’ll kill the children, we’ll kill the babies,” amongst other rather incendiary things. Hannity also pointed out that Ellison was at one point a spokesperson for Farrakahn.

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David Webb told Hannity that who you associate with defines who you are, and Ellison made a choice to associate with those people. And on Ellison attacking Hannity for targeting him for his religion, Webb said that tainted associations don’t have to do with his religion, adding that Ellison was in the company of people with a “fascist mentality.” He said they want to “kill anything” that doesn’t fit their narrative of how the world works.

Niger Innis claimed that anyone else with such associations would be getting far more scrutiny than Ellison has, especially if they were Republicans. He blamed Ellison and African-American members of Congress for being apologists for racial “arsonists” spewing such hateful rhetoric. Hannity wondered if Ellison was hiding his radical beliefs in order to stay elected. Innis said men like Ellison and Obama “palled around” with radicals in their past, so it does raise questions about what they believe.

Webb and Innis agreed that no other member of Congress could survive reelection if they had those associations.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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