Hannity Lauds Chris ‘Mr. Thrill Up His Leg’ Matthews For Defusing Trump-Russia Collusion Story

On Thursday night, Sean Hannity took the opportunity in his opening monologue to unpack former FBI Director James Comey‘s hearing on Capitol Hill, but he took a moment to give a nod to another outspoken cable news host on a competing network.

He began by asking his viewers what they had learned today from the hearing. “There is no such thing as a Trump-Russia collusion.”

The Fox News host slammed the media for “endlessly, breathlessly lying” and that “today, they even had to admit it.”

He then invoked MSNBC, which he calls “the big network of black helicopter theories and tinfoil hats conspiracies” and showed Chris Matthews, or as Hannity called him “Mr. Thrill Up His Leg,” admitting that the Trump-Russia collusion theory had “came apart” during Comey’s hearing.

“Ah, a moment of enlightenment, even for Chris Matthews,” Hannity added.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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