Hannity ‘Exposes’ CNN’s Jeff Zucker and MSNBC’s Andy Lack: ‘Fake News Chiefs’

On Friday night, Sean Hannity went after CNN President Jeff Zucker and NBC News/MSNBC Chairman Andy Lack, calling them the “fake news chiefs” who are the architects of the “Destroy Trump Media.”

The Fox News host first targeted Zucker, referring to him as a “New York elitist” and pulled a quote he gave back in March which he said, “It’s really the Renaissance of journalism in America because of the nature of what’s going on.”

“Really? The ‘Renaissance of journalism’?” he reacted.

He played a montage of the “so-called ‘Renaissance of journalism'” at the “Clinton News Network,” including CNN’s Jim Acosta, Jeffrey Toobin, Brooke Baldwin, Anderson Cooper, Gloria Borger, and Van Jones.

“Jeff Zucker, are you really proud?” Hannity asked. “Are you really believing that that is the ‘Renaissance of journalism?'”

He then turned to Andy Lack and kicked off his attacks by pulling a headline from Variety from 2015 which read, “Andrew Lack Returns to NBC as News Chief, Will Face Challenges Restoring Credibility.”

“So has Andy Lack succeeded in restoring credibility over at NBC News?” Hannity responded. “We report, you decide.”

He then played an MSNBC montage which included sound bytes from Joe ScarboroughMika Brzezinski, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Rachel Maddow.

“Daily, unhinged, emotional outbursts. Daily!” Hannity added.

He took a moment to specifically rip the “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist” Rachel Maddow.

“If it wasn’t so sad, it’s actually funny,” he reacted.

“Andy Lack, are you proud of that reporting?” He also posed that question again to Tom Brokaw and his former colleague Megyn Kelly.

Hannity then took aim at Zucker and Lack’s campaign contributions “in case you’re still wondering what party affiliation these two ‘fake news chiefs’ belong to.” He mentioned that Zucker’s wife donated thousands of dollars to the DNC and Lack contributed over $50,000 to Democrats like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and Barbara Boxer.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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