Hannity Fights Beckel Over Tea Party Targeting: ‘The Foundation of Tyranny’

Sean Hannity touted a new report Wednesday night showing that the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of tea party groups was influenced by anti-tea party rhetoric from the Obama administration. Hannity showed clips of Democrats bashing the tea party, and squared off with Bob Beckel over this influencing factor, with Hannity declaring it “the foundation of tyranny.”

Jedediah Bila told Beckel Obama didn’t directly order the IRS to target conservatives, he just “encouraged that kind of behavior” and the media hatred of the tea party helped fuel it. Beckel shot back that these groups were engaging in unlawful political activity, but Hannity and Bila piled on him for that assertion.

Hannity repeatedly pushed Beckel to say if he has a problem with the government targeting political enemies, while Bila wanted to know if this now gives Republican presidents leeway to target liberal groups.

Hannity told Beckel, “That is the foundation of tyranny, my friend.” Beckel responded, “Oh, get outta here.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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