Hannity Mocks Scarborough’s Hair: ‘Guess Mika’s Telling Him It Looks Really Cool’

One media feud that doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon is the one between Fox News’ Sean Hannity and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. The two have been going after each other pretty hard for months on Twitter, with Hannity going the extra mile recently by devoting segments of his show to takedowns of Scarborough and his co-host (and fiancee) Mika Brzezinski.

With Scarborough’s announcement on Tuesday that he was leaving the Republican Party, Hannity once again decided that he needed to go after “Liberal Joe.” And this time around, he decided to take aim at his hair. Yes, that’s right, his hair.

Beginning his mini-monologue by claiming he himself isn’t a Republican but instead a “registered conservative,” Hannity went on to state that Scarborough is busy trying to kiss up to his new friends in liberal New York City. However, according to the Fox News host, Scarborough realized that slamming President Trump isn’t enough to please them or his “blushing bride-to-be,” which is why he’s now leaving the GOP.

And then, yes, he began talking about Joe’s hair.

“Did anyone else notice, by the way, the hair last night?” Hannity asked, focusing on Joe’s ‘do during his Late Show appearance. “Wow. I guess Mika’s telling him it looks really cool.”

After poking fun at Scarborough’s musical performance Tuesday night and stating that Scarborough wants to be “the next Johnny Rotten,” the Fox News host went back to the hair.

“Honestly, Mika, do you like that hair? Wow. Do you think — does he think he’s a rock star? It’s really embarrassing,” he added.

Hannity then ended the whole thing by joking some more about Scarborough’s musical talents while comparing his song “Monkey House” to MSNBC, telling Joe not to “quit your day job.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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