Hannity Goes After ‘Liberal Joe’ Scarborough Again While Decrying ‘Out-of-Control’ Trump Hatred

Fox’s Sean Hannity opened his Monday night show by taking a new swipe at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough as he delivered a monologue against “leftist rage.”

Hannity began by connecting last week’s attack against the GOP Congressional baseball team to the “left-wing hatred” emblazoned by that production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” where Trump is depicted as the murdered Roman leader. Hannity acknowledged that Barack Obama was once depicted in the play the same way that Trump was, though the Fox host argued that the press would be up in arms and blaming conservatives if this were the case in today’s media environment.

Hannity went on to smack “Liberal Joe” and others for criticizing him over his condemnation of the play.

“This is glorifying violence against the President of the United States of America,” Hannity stated. “This isn’t even really about freedom of speech, although, I would never call for anybody to be silenced. These liberal purveyors of hate have the right to say whatever they want, and I have a right to call them out for being beyond tasteless, vile, and disgusting.”

Hannity touched on several other recent examples of leftist rage, saying its all part of the plan by Trump critics to dehumanize the president. Hannity insisted he wasn’t trying to pin all the blame on Bernie Sanders for the baseball shooting, but there is an undeniable, “out-of-control rage and hatred” coming from the political left.

This wouldn’t be the first time Scarborough and Hannity have tangled with one another.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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