Hannity Goes Off on ‘Dull’ GOP: Where’s the Plan for Midterm Victory?

Sean Hannity expressed his frustration Monday night with a “dull” Republican party that is not putting forth a clear agenda to win the midterm elections. He told Frank Luntz he’s “mad at Republicans” because months ago, he proposed conservative solutions that he believes they should run on, but with less than two months to go before Election Day, there’s no united strategy coming from the GOP.

Luntz blamed the media for not giving the GOP a fair chance to get its message out, but Hannity said that’s an “excuse,” because Republicans could easily come on my show and other conservative talk radio and articulate their vision. If they had one.

Luntz warned Hannity that this conversation is what leads to Republicans not showing up at the polls, which would allow Democrats to retain the Senate. Hannity agreed, but couldn’t contain his absolute frustrations with the GOP, saying “They are taking an opportunity and they’re playing it safe.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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