Hannity Guest: Obama ‘Steadfast In Promoting Islam’ But ‘Puts Down’ Christians

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity and his panel grew heated during a discussion about today’s attack on the U.S. embassy in Egypt. As Hannity decried that President Barack Obama‘s handed over money to the Muslim Brotherhood, guest Kate Obenshain argued that the president has been promoting Islam while not doing the same for Christianity.

“Where is he?” Hannity asked of Obama. “He gave $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamists just hit our embassy, and took our flag down and put an al Qaeda flag up there. Where is he?”

As Juan Williams ventured to counter that the Bush administration as well as the Obama administration have supported freedom and a pro-democracy agenda, Hannity shouted that the situation was never pro-democracy.

“This president has been steadfast in supporting, promoting Islam,” Obenshain interjected to Williams’ protest. “He never promotes Christians, and in fact attacks them.”

“He puts down Christians, he puts down Israelis, he goes after them,” she vehemently argued. Williams shot back that Obama is “promoting America’s national interests.”

Obenshain disagreed, remarking, “He is not promoting religious freedom for anybody other than Islam.”

The exchange below, via Fox News:

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