Before Showing Interview With Trump Jr. Hannity Lectures ‘Hysterical’ Media


Before airing his highly-anticipated interview with Donald Trump Jr., Sean Hannity took the opportunity to address the media he knows is watching his show Tuesday night.

“For all the members of the Destroy Trump Media who have to tune into my show tonight,” he began, “get out your pad and your pen. You may actually learn a thing or two and we have a message for you, so maybe you want to take notes. And we’re gonna lay out the real scandals that you’re not covering that you should be covering. If you were actual journalists, you would be.”

In his opening monologue, Hannity read Trump Jr.’s emails between him and Rod Goldstone along with his statements. He also noted that Trump’s legal team have suggested that the meeting between him and that Russian lawyer could have been a “set-up” to incriminate the then-presidential candidate’s son and that the lawyer is connected to Fusion GPS, which was the opposition research firm that produced the debunked Trump dossier and has “several ties” to Democrats including Hillary Clinton allies and Planned Parenthood.

“So, from looking at the facts,” Hannity stated, “a friend of the Trumps offered to coordinate a meeting to share opposition research on Hillary Clinton, which Donald Trump Jr. agreed to. Nothing came of it because there was no information exchanged and it ended there.”

He claimed that Democrats and the media are “hysterical” over this story, but they have “completely ignored an example of actual election interference” because “it involves a Democrat.”

In order to “be balanced,” the Fox News host pointed to this Politico report that a DNC operative and a Ukrainian government official tried to help Hillary Clinton and hurt Donald Trump and that the operative “occasionally shared her findings with officials from the DNC and Clinton’s campaign.”

“Now that you, our audience, have evidence from both sides, you’ve got to decide for yourself what’s worse,” Hannity continued. “And I’ll pose this question to everybody in the media that’s forced to tune into tonight. Which is worse? Why haven’t you covered that story? And better yet, why didn’t your news organizations extensively report on Ukrainian collusion?”

He then invoked the WikiLeaks document dumps that he said proved collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign, but his intense line of questioning for the media didn’t end there.

“And if you’re interested, really interested, in election interference, why didn’t you care that a congressional investigation found in 2014 that an Israeli political group used $300,000 Obama State Department grant to create a political apparatus to try and defeat our ally, our friend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?” he asked. “Or how about the WikiLeaks email that shows the Clinton campaign head talking about how a Chinese ambassador wanted to have a private, off the record meeting? So in other words, do you members of this corrupt media, do you even know about these stories?”

He then pivoted to the crimes he accused the media of ignoring, like Clinton scandals, the anonymous leaks, the unmasking of Gen. Michael Flynn, and James Comey‘s leaked memos. And he wrapped up by scolding the mainstream media:

“You have zero credibility left. You have been caught time and time again spreading fake news stories. You’ll be critical of all of my interviews. And you’ve carried out your personal attacks against the president, against his family, and against anybody that dares to be associated with the president… We have an information crisis. Overpaid, lazy, rigid, leftwing ideologues, but that’s for another night.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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