Hannity May Have Actually Forced Florida to Tighten Spring Break Rules

Sean Hannity’s week-long series exposing the dangers of spring break was ridiculed by many — most notably Jon Stewart — but according to one report out of Panama Beach City, Fla., it may have actually gotten results.

Writing for, Dennis Pillion reports that following Hannity’s spring break coverage on Fox News, residents of that Florida hot spot “have been packing almost every public meeting” to “demand the city (and Bay County) make changes to spring break laws”

Starting this Thursday, the local city council in Panama Beach will begin drawing up new provisions aimed at preventing some of the most outrageous aspects of the spring break party scene from happening on their turf. They are expected to include “tighter enforcement of capacity limits, providing additional K-9 units, requiring those drinking alcohol to have valid identification, and enforcing a night curfew.”

According to Pillion, city council members have neglected to crack down on the worst spring break behavior for fear that students would choose to spend their vacations elsewhere, therefore hurting local businesses. If Palm Beach City does end up becoming a less popular spring break destination due to these new laws, residents and business owners alike may have Sean Hannity, at least in part, to thank.

Watch one of Hannity’s spring break panel segments below, via Fox News:

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