Hannity on Memo: ‘If We Care About The Constitution,’ Mueller Probe ‘Must Be Disbanded Immediately’

On Friday night, Sean Hannity sounded the alarms after the controversial GOP memo was made public.

The Fox News host began by touting his own coverage of the scandal for being “ahead of the curve” for months. He called it “Watergate times a thousand.”

Hannity accused top officials at the FBI of “purposefully omitting crucial information” regarding their use of the Trump dossier in order to obtain a FISA warrant. He said that Former FBI Director James Comey, Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were “all complicit” for approving surveillance on Carter Page.

“The FBI misled and purposefully deceived a federal court while using an unverified, completely phony opposition research bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton to spy on an opposition campaign during a presidential election!” Hannity exclaimed. “Now that type of abusive power, that type of corruption, that shredding of the Constitution––it is unprecedented in American history.”

He insisted that “crimes have been committed,” and that Comey, McCabe, and Rosenstein “should be investigated” and in many cases “prosecuted.” Hannity then pivoted to the ongoing investigation from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and how these discovers should impact that probe.

“Now if this never happened, there would be no Robert Mueller,” Hannity continued. “And these revelations are so profound, this corruption’s so deep, it is so obvious that the special counsel needs to be shut down immediately.”

Hannity declared that Mueller’s investigation “is and has been a witch hunt from the very beginning,” and that the house of cards is “crashing down.”

“Look, if we care about the Constitution, if we believe in civil liberty, if we believe in those protections, then the special counsel must be disbanded immediately,” he said. “All charges against Paul Manafort and Gen. Michael Flynn need to be dropped. It’s that simple.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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