Hannity on Report He Counseled Trump on Memo: You Can’t Advise Him Because ‘He Is Such His Own Man’

Sean Hannity addressed a recent report by The Daily Beast that alleged the Fox News host had been advising President Donald Trump to release the Rep. Devin Nunes memo, notably stopping short of actually denying anything that was published about him.

“By the way, people in the media are saying that I’m advising him on the memo. First of all you can’t advise this president. He is such his own man,” he said, striking a complimentary tone.

“You can’t tell him not to tweet. He follows his own ways.”

Hannity finished by saying “I’ve been saying it every night. Call your congressman. Release the memo.”

The Daily Beast article featured an unnamed source that referred to Hannity as “Senior counselor to the president” and noted that the Fox News host and Trump have been in “regular contact,” with The Hill reporting in October that the president often calls Hannity each night once his show is done airing.

The segment also found Hannity and Jesse Watters teaming up to mock Jessica Tarlov, after she suggested that releasing the memo may not be such a good idea.

“This is a tag team,” Hannity joked.

Trump is likely to release the memo, which one assumes paints the FBI in a bad light, tomorrow.

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