Hannity On Trayvon Martin Killing: ‘Is It Possible That It Was Just A Horrible Accident?’


On Thursday night’s show, Sean Hannity addressed the Trayvon Martin story. “First of all,” he noted, “it’s a tragedy, breaks your heart.”

Hannity later asked, “Is it possible it was just a horrible accident?” He posed this question to the night’s panelists, former prosecutor Kimberly Guilfoyle and defense attorney Mercedes Colwin, with a focus on looking at the case from various sides. Hannity was trying to ascertain whether Zimmerman — who claimed his neighborhood had experienced a recent uptick in crime — may have made the mistake of thinking Martin was a criminal. Guilfoyle and Colwin agreed that this was not the case.

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Regarding the possible racial slur, he said: “There were reports all over the media that he might have made on one of these 911 calls, Zimmerman, that he made have made a racial slur. But there was one report I know out of Florida today … and their opinion was, it’s only an opinion, that in fact it wasn’t a racial slur.”

Zimmerman had also stated that he’d thought he’d seen Martin “holding something, and reaching for his waistband.” In other words, it appears he may have thought the teen was armed. Hannity noted that Martin had in fact been completely “unarmed,” carrying only a snack and his cell phone, and that the young man had told his girlfriend that he was being followed. The host then questioned why Zimmerman had not listened to the 911 dispatcher’s instructions to stop following Martin.

He continued: “Could this be a terrible tragedy? Could this just be, you know, a case where Trayvon was running because he thought he was in jeopardy, […] Is it possible it was just a horrible accident?” He brought up the racial implications which have been widely discussed in the media, including the LA Times.

Hannity expressed his sympathy for the Martin family, while carefully urging that, in the absence of all the facts, we should be careful to avoid a “rush to judgment,” like so many in the media have. A full, complete investigation is required, he said, to “get to the bottom of this.” He noted the incident is undeniably tragic, saying that “our thoughts and prayers to the family. I mean this is a tragedy, this young man.” That said, we’ve yet to hear all the fact about that night and “we just don’t know if it was an accident, or if this was, somehow, intentional. We don’t know that.”

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