Hannity Opens Show Slamming ‘Media Fascism’: ‘It’s About Silencing Every Single Conservative Voice’


Last night Sean Hannity opened his program railing against “liberal fascism” and attempts on the left to silence every single conservative pro-Trump voice. Tonight he doubled down by going after “media fascism” (a phrase that prominently appeared in his over-the-shoulder graphic).

Hannity again referenced the media reports accusing him of sexually harassing conservative author Debbie Schlussel––something she now describes as not being sexual harassment––and said a cursory Google search would have told journalists all they needed to know about the woman making these accusations.

But he said that this is not just about him, and––embracing a term he has coined in recent weeks to describe the mainstream press––bellowed that it was “no secret that the alt radical destroy Trump propaganda media [is] completely biased,” further complaining that they’re agenda-driven and ideological.

After accusing the press of getting Barack Obama elected and colluding with Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, the Fox News host stated that since they haven’t been able to take down President Donald Trump (and perhaps even see him jailed), they’ve now taken aim at conservatives sympathetic to the president. Pointing out that they hate Fox News and that he’s the target of a smear campaign, Hannity highlighted what he felt was a concerted effort to take him down, referencing the Schlussel story.

“The alt radical destroy Trump media quickly and immediately picked up on all the smears and lies,” Hannity stated. “It spread like wildfire all around the country despite the fact that these allegations were completely false.”

The conservative commentator went on to say that the media is doing this so they can shut down voices on the right.

“This isn’t about me or any individual,” he emphasized. “It is so much bigger. It’s about silencing every single conservative voice in the country.”

Hannity would later speak to conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, who agreed with most of what he detailed in his monologue, saying we are seeing the “outbreak of liberal fascism.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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