Hannity Opens Show With Short Montage of Anchors Saying His Name Before Moving On to Comey


At the top of his program tonight, Fox News’ Sean Hannity briefly addressed the bombshell revelation that he was the mystery third client of Trump attorney Michael Cohen. With the media laser-focused on this story, the pro-Trump Fox News host let his audience know that he was going to discuss it.

Right away, he welcomed “all of you liberals in the media and all across America, everyone out there that may not usually watch, tuning in, about some recent news about yours truly that came up today.”

After stating he would address the “rumors and speculation” later in the show, he then hit the media for going nuts over the story.

“Today, for hours and hours, the media has been absolutely apt apoplectic and hyperventilating over some breaking news that I have been listed in court today as a client for a long time trump attorney Michael Cohen,” Hannity declared. “Take a look what I mean.”

And with that, Hannity played a short montage of reporters and anchors saying his name. Following the clip, Hannity said he wasn’t “that vain” and said he’d address the “rampant speculation” in a few minutes.

The Fox News host then moved on to ripping the James Comey interview that aired on ABC News Sunday night. However, after the monologue, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz called out Hannity over his relationship with Cohen, stating he should have disclosed it on the air beforehand.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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