Hannity Panel Accuses Media Of Exaggerating Rep. Bachmann Gaffes

Rep. Michele Bachmann has garnered herself most of today’s headlines with a media blitz that got her criticism for, among other things, citing John Quincy Adams as a founding father. On his program tonight, Sean Hannity and panelist Andrea Tantaros took offense to the criticism, noting that sexist comments, from the Adams critique to Chris Wallace‘s “flake” question, were permitted only for conservative women.

“The last acceptable form of prejudice is misogyny by conservative women,” Tantaros noted, as her and Hannity argued that George Stephanopoulos had got in wrong in criticizing Rep. Bachmann for her comments on the younger Adams. Fellow panelist Julie Roginsky strongly disagreed, noting that among the most prominent victims of media sexism was current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her 2008 campaign. There was a difference between that, she noted, and merely getting facts wrong, adding that she thought Rep. Bachmann “should take a history test.” “Women in politics are treated to a higher standard,” Tantaros admitted, though she also argued that “Democrats lie… all the time and they’re ignored.”

Hannity, on his part, added to the debate that he agreed the treatment of Clinton was wrong, confessing that “I would take Hillary over Barack Obama at any day,” and that he regretted his attacks on her somewhat because “I had no idea how bad he is in terms of being President.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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